Prevage MD Anti-Aging

PREVAGE MD is an anti-aging treatment with a unique ingredient idebenone (ee-dee-ben-OWN), which is the most powerful topical anti-oxidant available in skin care products. The topical solution is 1% strength of idebenone, which is only available in PREVAGE MD. PREVAGE MD is only available by your Doctor.

By applying PREVAGE MD anti-aging treatment to your face and neck twice a day you will see results such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in overall skin appearance and protection from environmental stressors that are known the cause skin again.

What effects do antioxidants have on your skin?

Antioxidants have been a popular topic within the last few years, mainly related to your diet. Anti-oxidants counter act the damage of free radicals inside the body, these free radicals have a negative effect in your body. Free radicals can also accumulate in your skin, not only from environmental stressors (smoking, UV light, air pollution, and ozone) but also for the normal again process itself.

These effects of stressors on your skin can not be treated by simply cleansing the skin alone.  To effectively remove free radicals you need a topical antioxidant like PREVAGE MD anti-aging treatment, which protects against skin damage by chemically trapping and neutralizing each free radical it comes in contact with. Antioxidants can be thought of as the guardian angels of your skin cells, protecting them of free radical encounters and stimulating the production of new healthier cells!

Is PREVAGE MD superior to other topical antioxidants?

YES! PREVAGE MD has a 1% concentration of idebenone, which is proven to be significantly more effective than other topical antioxidants in protecting your skin against the environmental stressors known to support aging.

Patients using PREVAGE reported an overall improvement, healthier feeling skin and diminished wrinkle lines in just four weeks of use!

How to use PREVAGE MD topical solution?

Prior to beginning regular use of PREVAGE MD, it is recommended to test a small amount (one pump) daily for several days to a small area on the forearm, near the inner side of the elbow; or two a very small area on the neck or face that will receive regular treatment. Skin reactions to PREVAGE are rare, but are likely to occur during the first few weeks of use. If any skin reaction does occur, treatment is to be discontinued.

Normal use of PREVAGE MD topical solution consists of applying after skin is washed and dry. If a facial moisturizer is used, it is applied after PREVAGE MD.

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