Allergy Clinic of Black Hills

Our specialists work with pediatric and adult patients and use the most up-to-date medical therapies to treat conditions related to allergies. We treat nasal, sinus and eye allergies, as well as asthma, eczema, and contact skin allergies. We help deal with food allergies, drug and vaccine allergies, allergies to bee stings, hives, swelling, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis and many more complex conditions.

We also offer patch testing, allergy shots and allergy drops.

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Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Allergy Treatment

At Black Hills ENT Allergy Clinic, our philosophy of care is to earn the trust and respect of our patients and the community by delivering competent medical care accompanied with concern and compassion. We provide diagnosis and management of allergies, asthma, and related disorders using proven methods and standards of care. Our first priority is you, the patient.

Allergies can be treated with a combination of treatments. After evaluating you and your symptoms, Dr. Howard, Dr. White and our qualified team will create a custom plan that is best for you. We offer both allergy shots and sublingual (under the tongue) drops.



We offer allergy shots as an option for immunotherapy. Based on your allergy testing, your allergy shots are custom mixed to contain exactly what you are allergic to.

The allergy specialists will give you your shot in our clinic every 4-10 days.

The injections can eventually given at home when a safe plateau is reached.

Allergy Clinic of Black Hills


"Shot-Less Treatment"

Sublingual allergy drops are a safe, effective, and convenient choice for immunotherapy.

We offer this type of treatment to all of our patients, including young children.

You take the drops home and place a few drops under you tongue once per day.

The drops are made with a small amount of allergen concentration and formulated based on your allergy testing results.



  • • Administered every 4-10 days
  • • Build up phase must be done at health clinic
  • • Typically covered by insurance
  • • Possible site injection reactions
  • • Can be administered at home if maintenance dose reached


  • • Start treatment at home right away
  • • Drop under the tongue daily
  • • Safe and effective
  • • Little to no side effects
  • • Convenient

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