A little marriage quiz. If your spouse snores loudly in his sleep, you:

  1. Sleep on the couch.
  2. Make him sleep on the couch.
  3. Try to smother him with a pillow.
  4. Talk to an ENT specialist about ways to quiet the nighttime thunder.

Answers 1 and 2 are probably the most common reactions, but not conducive to a good marriage. Answer 3 is tempting, but illegal. (You might end up sharing a prison cell with someone who snores even louder than your husband.)

Answer 4 is the best route, especially these days. There are new treatments and strategies for serious problems such as sleep apnea and garden-variety aggravations such as snoring.

Traditionally, the treatment for snoring consisted of painful laser-assisted surgeries. A new revolutionary outpatient treatment is now available to those suffering with snoring issues. The Somnoplasty procedure gently reduces and stiffens the tissues in the soft palate and uvula. Unlike the traditional snoring treatment, Somnoplasty is virtually painless.